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In order to open a brokerage account with Daman Securities LLC, you must first acquire an investor number from either the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) or the Abu Dhabi Securities Market (ADSM). After you have done so, please follow the following simple procedures to open an account and obtain a Daman trading number.
Print the Daman account opening form by clicking on the link provided below and complete it by hand.
Click here
Important note: The application must include the following details:
1. The same address and phone numbers as those given to either DFM or ADSM;
2. Your NIN (National Investor Number) for either DFM or ADSM (or both if applicable). These must be correctly shown on the application forms and the same as the information given to DFM or ADSM..
Document copies to be presented with the application form
1. A passport copy, valid for a period of no less than six months (your original passport must be brought to our office for verification and return);
2. For UAE citizens: A full family book (Khulasat Qaid)

Check the document checklist (on the application form) for any additional documents required in specific cases such as for guardians, companies, etc.

If any of the required documentation is not clear please call 800 HANDAL.

Once you have completed the application and attached the relevant required documents:

Read the terms and conditions. If you agree to the terms and conditions, sign the required SPECIMEN SIGNATURE agreement form in black or dark blue ink within the area of the box shown.
Please note: One SPECIMEN SIGNATURE form is required for each market in which you wish to trade.
After the forms are signed, please bring them personally with the complete document copies and original passport to either:-

Daman Securities LLC (Dubai Office)
4th Floor, World Trade Centre Building
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Hours: 09:00-16:00 Saturday-Wednesday
09:00-13:00 Thursday
Daman Securities LLC
Abu Dhabi Office
ADSM Exchange Floor
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Hours: 09:00-16:00 Saturday-Wednesday 09:00-13:00 Thursday

When the signed forms are complete and all required documents and original identification have been presented & verifiedto Daman Customer Service personnel, the new account and your personal trading number will be issued within a maximum of the next two working days.

  FOR HANDAL: To use Daman’s online trading service, please complete the HANDAL APPLICATION FORM when you visit either of Daman’s offices above. Alternatively complete it directly at the HANDAL Web site after your Daman account has been opened and mail a signed copy to us. Your HANDAL Account will be opend within a maximum of the next ________ working days.

PDF of main account form

Application forms for obtaining investor number from DFM/ADSM:





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